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POR 15

POR-15 is a paint-like substance which acts as a total rust inhibitor and is also very effective as a metal filler. Click here
We offer show quality chrome plating services and we are a leading distributor of POR 15 products.

POR 15Our chrome is Show Quality and leaves your previously dull metal shining like a mirror.

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Auto/Manual Boots
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1965&66 Impala SS automatic shift boot $99.95

Made in the USA of polyurethane, more durable than original rubber.

Auto Boot

1965 Impala SS 4 speed console shift boot. $185.00

Made in USA of polyurethane more durable than original rubber.

Manual Boot

We offer the highest quality chrome plating at the lowest cost.

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We also offer all of the POR 15 products available for your automobile, home, marine, or industrial needs. You never imagined how easy it is to stop rust permanently and affordably!

Please browse through our services and products, you’ll find that our quality goes above and beyond your expectations but our prices will fit into your budget.

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